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Importance of Analytics on Your Website

While there are a number of different services that can provide analytics, Google is the most well known. Which service you use really depends on what it is that you are looking for. If you are looking for conversion you might use a different service than one that measures user experience or total traffic. Depending on your company’s focus, you will need to choose the right analytics for your purposes. Below is a great article that will help you find which is right for you. At SmashReact we can set you up with any of the options mentioned, and would be happy to help you find out what to look for.

How Social Media Affects Today’s Marketing

The shift in today’s media is undeniable. Not only can businesses can no longer afford to NOT be involved in social media, but the opportunity that it presents in today’s marketplace is greater than ever before. Small businesses have always struggled with competing in the online space due to lack of resources and funds…SOCIAL MEDIA LEVELS THE PLAYING FIELD! There are a lot of great videos out there, but this is one of my favorite as it shows companies both big and small and how they have effectively harnessed the benefits social media presents.

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