At SmashReact we pride ourselves on offering custom packages in every instance possible. There is no business like your business.

We offer three main umbrella services that encompass many more intricate pieces. While we are proficient in Social Media, Web Design, and Search Engine Optimization; we also offer a variety of other services that your business may need. Contact Us to learn more about email marketing, analytics, PR, graphic design, and a number of other offerings that can help your business grow.

Take a look at Our Work to get a better idea of our capabilities as well as get inspired about your business and its online growth.

Social Media

Facebook, YouTube, Linkedin, Twitter, Google+…and 100’s of others. Nowadays there are more social medias out there than ever before, which equates to more opportunities for sharing thoughts and stories about consumer experiences. The old adage, old but still relatively new, regarding social media is an accurate one, “The conversation about your business is happening with or without you.”

We can build you a platform for any media out there and help you find your following. Maybe you already have a Facebook page or Twitter account and are just looking for more exposure; we can work with you to target the prospective customers you are looking for. If you are happy with what you currently have and have established a good following, we can help you expand your presence on to other medias and keep you connected as new media’s develop.

Web Development

At SmashReact we have had the opportunity to work with a variety of businesses. We have helped companies that have been established for 20 years all the way down to building sites for a startup. We use various approaches depending on your situation.

Whether you want to have an innovative and unique experience for your visitors, or just have something where people can find your store hours and address we can match your site to your needs. We have built simple sites that only consist of a few pages and exist purely to push information. We have also built fully functioning e-commerce sites where you can expand your sales into the online realm.

All of our web design packages include a thorough training on the site and its features as well as 3 months of support to troubleshoot any problems you might run into. We will also provide documentation that will show you how to make simple changes to the site if necessary. If you want to be completely hands off, we offer a monthly program to serve as consultants and handle any site related issues.

Search Engine Marketing and Optimization

Your audience is out there and we can help them find you easier.

It is great to be online, but if your customers don’t know about it or can’t seem to locate your presence your efforts could be wasted. At SmashReact we will work with you to find out who your target audience is, what you want your business to be known for and then make sure that we show your business to the right people and link it to the right message.

SEO is changing constantly and search engines are only getting smarter. We work hard to stay in tune with the latest changes on the web so that we can ensure high rankings on various engines. SEO and SEM are very important factors for businesses looking to grown their revenue in the online space, and we can help.

Custom Packages

We are all about relationships and want to make sure that you get a package that meets YOUR specific needs, not ours or anyone else’s.

The fact is you probably want to pick and choose the services above that are right for you. Maybe you only want a website or a Facebook page. Maybe you want a website, a Facebook page AND some basic SEO but not a full in-depth service. In order to get what is right for you we offer the utmost in flexibility when it comes to our packages.

Our process consists of asking you the right questions to get the information we need. We can do this via email, phone or in person. After finding out exactly what is going to serve your business best we will work out a plan based on your feedback.

The more targeted we can make a package for you and the cleared the expectations the easier it is for us to measure effectiveness.